Strange screen flick on new install(and new laptop)

Hi everybody,
First of all, I am a long user on Manjaro and this community was really helpful over the years on fixing various issues, so thank you for that.
Unfortunately, this time I can’t seem to find the answers that I need so I am creating this topic here in hope of some help.

The issue:
I have a HP Zbook 15 Create G7 with an Nvidia geforce 2070 video card, and a Intel onboard video card.
I’ve installed Manjaro with the open source drivers and enabled the nvidia card only from uefi and everything works fine(except that it can’t resume from suspend mode but I don’t care about that).
I then changed to Intel based(aka activated the option for intel only card in uefi) card and it works fine performance wise but I have a strange screen flicker randomly(migh be triggered by different apps probably), and wile I can use the laptop like this it is annoying and I would like to fix this.

What I’ve tried:

  • free drivers with Wayland → still have random flicker
  • free drivers with Xorg → still have random flicker
  • using guy to install proprietary drivers and open in xorg → still have random flicker

Can somebody suggest something new to try?
My preferred outcome would be to have open source drivers and keep in uefi the option to use intel only and just fix this screen flicker but if I need to change something please suggest anything.

So just to not leave this question without an answer, here it is:
The problem with the screen flickering is related to Intel Adaptive Sync

You can turn it off, but I don’t have that article anymore, it is on the Manjaro wiki.
Also, a partial fix for this is coming starting from Linux kernel 5.12 (check Intel section)

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