Strange "print to pdf" issue with Firefox (Missing pictures)

OK so my end-goal is to physically print a personal blog that contains about 100s of articles and 1000s of pictures. The original blog was published with Wordpress, and relied on the heavy use of “tiled galleries”. I wanted to find a way to print the articles “as shown” in the wordpress blog, but the use of Javascript for the tiled galleries (in my case produced by the Wordpress Jetpack plugin) is throwing many formatting errors.

After looking at different workflows to achieve that, I found a way to keep the “tiled galleries” by doing changing the plugin that created the galleries (I now us Meow galleries), and by using the “Print to pdf” option in my browser (Firefox).

The workflow is the following

  1. Load blog page (with several articles), save page to html file (local disk)
  2. Modify the html file (delete some elements, adjust CSS)
  3. Print html file to pdf
  4. Print pdf to physical

The issue comes from step 3: the pdf generated is missing some pictures. I usually starts around page 30 or 35, so I’m assuming it’s an issue of buffer / access to the files. Some pictures are still here, but not all. The “header pictures” (each article starts with a picture) are always printed.

Some numbers from my last attempt:
Saved html file is about 1.6 MB
In the associated “files” directory: 1389 files, 248.6 MB
When printed to pdf, this transform into a 231 “pages” document
Pictures start to erratically miss from page 36

Current workaround: generate only partial pdf files (“page” 1 to 35, then 36 to 70, etc).

Other attempts:
Print to PDF from Chromium on Manjaro KDE: same issue
I also tried from Windows 10 / Firefox / “Microsoft print to PDF”: the print failed

Greetings @Jco_ocJ

I’ve encountered similar problems, and found (in my case) that the problem is not Firefox, it’s some pages that don’t load the full content if I don’t go through the whole page first so that the content can be downloaded and printed.

So, what I do first is go through the whole page so that the images download and I can save it or even print it.

I remember that in these cases the Add-ON “Save Page WE” has helped me.

Mr. E

Have you tried htmldoc instead of printing to PDF in step #3?