Strange login screen KDE

Since some updates the login screen is designed very strange (SDDM - Breath2). The colors are now reversed, which means dark font on an unpleasantly bright semi-transparent background. Previously it was a white font on a semi-transparent dark background, as is the case with Plasma vanilla. Is this a bug or intentional? I find it at least VERY unattractive. If intentional, how can I get the old version back?

Plasma was just updated - it could be the new normal.

Hm, with the current Plasma on Arch it is still the usual way (Plasma 5.22.4). Very strange …

That’s a bug for sure.
Maybe try changing SDDM theme to a different one and then back to Breath2?

I have already tried that - no change.

hmm, I’m looking at Breath2 gitlab repo and the latest commit fixes something which sounds like the problem you are having right now. I might be mistaken though. This is the link to the commit: [plasma] Fix complementary color for the dark 2021 theme (dfe03b39) · Commits · Artwork / themes / breath2 · GitLab

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You’re right, that’s exactly it! Well, let’s wait and see when the fix comes. Thanks for your effort :+1:t2:

In case that’s not it, you can always report a bug in their issue tracker (Issues · Artwork / themes / breath2 · GitLab) :wink:

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In 21.1 rc3 the problem is fixed :point_up:t2: :grinning:

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