Strange issues with USB or certain devices in kernel 5.15

Someone close who also uses Manjaro reported experiencing crashes and boot failures since switching to Kernel 5.15. At the moment we only know some devices cause them, particularly USB hubs or devices that are plugged in. They confirm at least 5.13 is still working well. We aren’t even sure what the issue is exactly thus what to report, I figured I’d first ask here if anyone else if getting similar problems. I did a quick search for kernel 5.15 USB issues but couldn’t find anything yet.

Although on my own machines I’m not experiencing any obvious issues I did see something similar too recently: When shutting down or restarting, the full screen console that shows up after the session closes did start spamming USB related error messages once, restart proceeded as normal and no other issues were noted. So this is hopefully something widespread others should be able to confirm.

If no evidence in the form of logs are provided it didn’t happen - and frankly - I don’t think the kenel is causing this - it is a hardware issue somewhere.

I have been using 5.15 for a while now - no issues - on the contrary - my system has never been better.

Check if the device is causing it by removing the device - it can be the device drawing to much power from the USB port - which can cause various system issues. An USB hub with power hungry devices must be separate powered to ensure it does not overload the system.

Make a note of the message content when it happens - then use dmsg and grep to search for the expression e.g.

dmesg | grep -i -e <messagesnip>

This will provide a lot more information - and the best way to paste the result to an online service then providing an URL to the pasted text

dmesg | grep -i -e <msgsnip> | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

Thanks, will keep this in mind. This is a trickier one as I’m not the one experiencing it this time, I’m relaying something I discussed with someone else: They mostly mentioned that when booting on 5.15 there’s a crash if their mouse and / or USB hub is plugged in so they had to revert to 5.13. I’ll suggest this if they want to bother with the new kernel again, they’re busy with other things too. Since I also saw that odd error on restart after upgrading I got the impression it must be some widespread issue others are seeing, seems I might be wrong on that and it’s something rarer.

have you checked with

sudo lsusb -t ( or -vt )