Strange issues with Plex

Annoyingly I had a strange issue this morning with my Network manager (connected via LAN cable) continually losing the connection - all seems better now, relocated the router and changed the cable.

Now when I started PlexHTPC it came up blank. It is a Flatpak application.

I first removed the flatpak, and made sure it’s ‘data’ folder in ~/.var/app got cleared.

So when it’s installed again, I get the ‘sign in’ screen:

and usually, visiting solves it and brings up my server.

Whoops - let’s try again:

Something I can’t figure out is that I had no issue last night, but restoring a snapshot didn’t fix this… so I’m really stumped.

OMFGawd :man_facepalming: why do people insist on using containers when they don’t need to? Apps in containers should be a last resort. As for Plex I would check with them, cause this is most likely their issue.

Well yes, I’ll be looking at Jellyfin as a side project.

The upshot is that this issue never made sense to me, but at 5pm I gave it a last try and it just worked…

This is the evil of Ubuntu speaking - Plex wasn’t supported on Linux for a while, but as you can guess, when ‘Linux’ support arrived, that meant ‘Snapd’ because Linux means Ubuntu…

With Plex pushing itself more as a streaming service I’m hoping Jellyfin will be ready to drop in when I abandon it… but with the random Network issues I’ve experienced recently it’s hard to work on the issues.

More likely it’s a PLEX specific issue. I dropped PLEX a LONG time ago for various reasons. Emby here and very happy with it.

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Is Kodi a possible alternative? I offer that blindly, in that, despite having installed it on multiple occasions; and using XBMC once in its formative years; it never progressed much past the installation stage. Life gets in the way.

Kodi is a completely different beast than PLEX and Emby. Kodi is a media server that you can add Emby or PLEX to.

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I remember them being more or less the same, though I see from Ben’s comment above, that Plex is more focused on streaming these days. I played with both of them (Plex and Kodi/XBMC) at some point but ultimately did little with either.

No, the main reason I’m stuck on Plex is that it works on the Samsung TV in the living room - it’s a Trizen platform which can install Plex.

The issue did disappear, though I’m not clear on why.

I set up Jellyfin, then found out it has no TV apps I can use.

I have a good deal of distrust of my ISP also (3BB). Right now I can’t access either - despite it Testing Online

Then, I understand your interest in Emby, and Samsung TV. Looks interesting.