Strange flicker and glitch on prime-run xwayland window

I met a strange flicker and glitch while playing minecraft, not sure when this happened, maybe the last update cause this.
Here’s my device info INFO

This only happened to wayland session, on x11 session nothing broke

Hello. Did you ever restart your computer or try a different game than Minecraft?

And you are using your nvidia ( :face_vomiting:) gpu, do I see that right? You’re missing the nvidia driver I think.

Ya know, I mean the propietary one.

Rebooting didn’t fix that
I can confirm that I have Nvidia driver installed, and this doesn’t happen on other applications, only Minecraft and a few high load applications

The problem is wayland with NVIDIA driver, I forced wayland to run on a NVIDIA card
Could be “fixed”(There’s no solution by now) by adding this to /etc/environment and reboot


But this could make xwayland extremely slow, switch to x11 is the best way to play minecraft

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