Strange dmesg messages in latest kernel 6.2

In Manjaro Iusually try the latest available kernel , even if it is a RC …

Nonetheless after the latest kernel 6.2.0 update ( not with the RC versions )
during the startup ( even with GRUB “quiet” flag active)

I get several strange dmesg messages like :
[ 23.234] BPF type= 71
[ 23.235] BPF invalid name
[ 23.235] [116113] TYPEDEF

repeated a few times
where afterwards the system continues to boot normally …

Apparently everything is working as expected …

Where do I start to debug this ?

ask google (or some equivalent)
just like every one else would have to do?

I only found one unreplied report dated January last year on 5.15. The poster said some modules fail to load, so I suppose the 6.2 is just the same, i.e.: currently broken build for some modules. You can verify the differences by diff-ing the output of lsmod from 6.2 and any other version that doesn’t spit the log lines. Those are the ones that fail to load.


Apparently it seems that the latest 6.2.1-1 kernel update did solve thos BPF warnings.

So I will mark this as solved .

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