Strange(?) behavior at boot, after encrypting multiple partitions during install

I just installed Manjaro with four partitions: /boot, /swap, /root, and /home, using the Ruah installer. I encrypted /root, and /home, using LUKS, with separate passwords. When I boot it up, it asks me for the password for the /root partition at boot time, but boots up, and allows me to log in to my user account, which is in the /home partition, without asking me for the other password, to decrypt the /home partition. Did it not encrypt the /home partition to begin with, and if not, then why not? If it did, then how is it decrypting it without the password? Or did it store the password in another partition, and is using it, without telling me, to do the decryption of /home when I boot up? If it does the latter, then how do I stop it, as it seems a bit of a security weakness to store the password for one partition in another partition. Or am I misunderstanding the situation entirely? Thanks, K.

You may check if the home partition is mounted correctly or a folder in root partition is used for that purpose. And yes, keyfiles get created and stored in boot partiton. You can see the code here.