STORJ, Sync External USB Real Time?

I have an old laptop

Processor	Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU  Z3735D @ 1.33GHz, 1329 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
|nstalled Physical Memory (RAM)|2.00 GB|
|Total Physical Memory|1.89 GB|
|Available Physical Memory|564 MB|
|Total Virtual Memory|4.40 GB|
|Available Virtual Memory|2.14 GB|
|Description|Local Fixed Disk|
|File System|NTFS|
|Size|28.46 GB (30,559,678,464 bytes)|
|Free Space|5.93 GB (6,370,611,200 bytes)|

It is very limited resources, currently windows 10.

I want to blow it up and install Manjaro LXQT (community). Which one? Link Please. Would Minimal be better? EDIT: Downloading full version… just in case.
I want to use it as my own personal cloud. I have an 1 TB external USB Drive.

I will use Resilio Sync (home) to access the data on my mobile phone, tablet and another laptop (this one, so whenever I edit something here it gets synced through resilio to the external USB on the other laptop and from there gets backed up in real time to storj).

I would like to backup my data to STORJ real time from this USB.
I have seen STORJ integrates with a few software and I could only “prefer” Duplicati | Storj DCS or Sync for RClone (tech preview) | Storj DCS (according to my humble knowledge and understanding.)

EDIT: I will settle on duplicati as it appears rsync/rclone have some bugs.

I previously tried Duplicati but couldn’t connect.
I found out that duplicati makes scheduled backups which is OK with me. (wondering if Resilio can do with Storj… just curious)

Any suggestions and guidance highly appreciated.
Thank you.