Stopping VMWare Problem

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I hope to list it in the right category.
From the moment version 21.0 & 21.0.1 came out, when I go to install it on VMWare Workstation, it stops at this point that you will see in the image below. {The last line in the image}.
If I set up another Linux VMWare works normally.
Does anyone know what could be wrong to solve this problem.?

A thousand apologies for my English.
I do translation because I do not know English.
Thank You.

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Yes i have hit by same problem before i have installed manjaro on my laptop.
No idea whats wrong, but i switched to older iso release then booted normaly.

I just always want to check the latest version on the virtual machine and then do the upgrades on the normal machine,

I forgot to mention, latest iso have problems only with wmvare.

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Use the search option, or use Virtualbox.

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That is entirely possible. Inside vmware player - when you setup the vm make sure you choose Other Linux kernel 5.x and later kernel 64-bit and use the latest Manjaro ISO with 5.10 kernel.

My test is using Manjaro LXDE using Linux 5.11 on unstable branch.

I have no idea why mhwd hangs at this point - as the logs shows no inconsistencies - for the sake of this topic I experimented on how to get Manjaro launched using VMware Player.

  1. Launch the vmware network tool and ensure your network settings are valid.
  2. When launching the Manjaro ISO - press e on the selected boot entry
  3. In the editor navigate to the linux kernel line add a space and the number 3 to the end of the line - this causes the system to boot in single-user mode
  4. Press F10 to boot the selection
  5. When the system reaches the login prompt - login using the on screen credentials (note: also possible to login as root using the same password)
  6. Launch the display system display manager
    • xfce sudo systemctl start lightdm
    • gnome sudo systemctl start gdm
    • kde sudo systemctl start sddm
Screen shot using LXDE


I’ve had the exact same issue with Garuda and a few other Arch based distros. I haven’t been able to get any Manjaro edition to work with VMware.

I’m roughly at the upper end of noob on the scale of Linux experience or possibly barely intermediate.
I try this solution (on KDE Minimal ISO in VMware workstation 16 player) but I see no line that mentions the kernel to place the “3” after. It won’t let me upload the screenshot I took. I hit “e” to edit the boot with open source drivers option, but no mention of the kernel is in it.