Stop responding OS (after a while, after starting, the system partially freezes)

After login the OS Will stop responding to mouse and keyboard, mouse movement is seen but not responded, the keyboard is active only in the last active window, but you can switch through alt+tab.
logging out and logging in via alt+ctrl+del solves the problem of freezing (seemingly in KDE until the next reboot) in MATE, after a while, it can freeze again.

I tried, add

KillUserProcesses = yes

in /etc/systemd/logind.conf

but bag go on.

I tried, change boot parameters
i tried replacing the launch parameter in

 pci = nomsi
 pci = noacpi
 acpi = noirq
 acpi = off 

but bag go on.

can you return

inxi -Fza
sudo mhwd-kernel -li

I tried and retried all kernels.
now i have 2 kernels:

Currently running: 5.4.108-1-MANJARO (linux54)
The following kernels are installed in your system:

  • linux510
  • linux54

Perhaps you can run journalctl -f in a terminal, which will print new entries to the journal in real time. Any errors may be displayed there.

Also, run journalctl -b -1, which will show you the journal for the last previous boot.
You can include the -p (priority) switch to display only errors, warnings or critical events.
-p 2 shows critical errors
-p 3 shows errors
-p 4 shows warnings

journalctl -p err -b -1