Sticky notes issue

I am new to Manjaro. I am using a laptop and every time that I do a right click (setup as 2 fingers) it creates a sticky note. How can I remove the sticky notes or disable the behavior. There was some suggestions in forums to lock widgets but I don’t see that option.


Right click always brings context menu, and sticky notes appear only when paste from clipboard happens. That is set to middle click, so make sure you actually don’t have that set.

The problem is that I can’t set the middle click, the touchpad settings for that are not showing.

how did you get sticky notes working on Manjaro? I’ve searched the arch wiki for an arch equivalent of that windows app but never found a good one. Ended up just using kate to make to do lists.

Maybe the OP meant KNotes, which are also described as Sticky Notes. They also look similar to the Windows one (or did; I haven’t used Windows in years) albeit without that silly default “handwritten” font I remember from the Win7 Sticky Notes, which I always changed.

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I’ve been in search of that for years. Thanks!!!

Just remove the Add Widgets, to the right mouse button, and see if removing the widget shortcut solves the problem.

Try disabling the middle mouse button shortcut in “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper…” (right-click on desktop, then choose that option) by clicking the “-” button on the same line as “Middle-Button”