Stellarium update to v0.22.2-1 - How To

Start pamac and look for Stellarium.
Go to:
and download or copy → View PKGBUILD
Go to “Build-Files” and replace old PKGBUILD
with copied version (pkgver=0.22.2)
Then build as usual…
Sorry, at time I wrote this, Stellarium was at 22.1 and I updated as above.
– My Pamac showed v22.1 until 07.09.2022
AUR: Last Updated: 2022-07-07 17:02 (UTC)

Are you suggesting to update the package without updating its content? What’s the point?

stellarium is already at 0.22.2-1.

Updating PKG-Build updates the contents (AUR-Package!)

I was too late

When i checked the changes on the AUR page, there where more modifications than the pkgver, not spotting that it also used in the other lines.
My bad.