Steam won't detect a mounted drive- KDE plasma installation

Hello all, been having some problems when trying to add an existing steam folder to my installation. It is a windows secondary drive(All of the games I had on steam from Windows are on here), and I mount it from within dolphin and Have tried adding the steam library to my folder using the Storage tab in settings. It does not work so I tried to download a game so I could select the drive in the installation options, but that also does not allow the drive to be selected even though it is mounted and accessible from within Dolphin. Is it because this drive is formatted as a Windows drive or something else? I figured if it was a Windows drive problem, then I wouldn’t be able to access the drive at all within Linux, am I wrong? This is also the official repository version of steam, not the FlatPak, so it’s not a Flatpak problem. Lastly, would I be able to play Elden Ring on Linux considering the fact that it has anti-cheat software?

I appreciate any help, and my system is using an I5-12600k with an Arc A770, if any of that matters.

As I understand it, steam runs somewhat compartmentalized and does not have full access to your system.

If this anti-cheat software contains system calls to Secure Boot and TPM, then you’ll have to set that up yourself, because Manjaro does not offer any official support for those things.

The Arch Wiki may however help you on your way. :arrow_down:

See Steam - ArchWiki and in particular the link to Valve’s own instructions;

A search on the web indicates yes…