Steam with proxy server

Hey all. I’m trying to use Steam with PDANet+ on my system. (PDANet+ uses android’s wifi direct feature to share data without paying a carrier extra for a personal hotspot. To use the wifi direct though, you need to use the proxy server PDANet+ gives you.)

I have the proxy set in my network settings but it brought me to the “No Connection” pop-up. I found a guide online that went through how to use Steam with proxychains. I downloaded proxychains-ng from github, installed it, edited the proxy config file to use the proxy and started Steam using: proxychains4 steam with the same results. Is it even possible to use Steam with a proxy?

EDIT: Did some digging on the Steam support forums and found that even if I did manage to get Steam running with a proxy server, I’d risk having action taken against my account. (Whether that means a temp ban or a deleted account is something I’m not trying to find out.)

Why? It’s in the community repo.

I built it from github before I realized that to install things with a proxy I had to use sudo bash then export http_proxy=http://[proxy server] and export ftp_proxy=http://[proxy server].