Steam VRChat blackscreen and crashes when i open it (skipping "Processing Vulkan Shaders")

I want to play VRChat but on Desktop mode, but when launching the game through steam (i launch steam via thesteam-native command) i get this window that never fully charges image , so i press skip and i see the game launched but it is a black screen, and then it closes.

I don’t know what is Vulkan and only installed manjaro xfce recently so any help would be appreciated

Hello @sap :wink:

Just for clarification:

  1. VRChat is a Windows only game.
  2. On Linux it runs through the proton (wine) compatibility layer.
  3. There is a translation layer for DirectX to Vulkan or OpenGL, since DirectX is not available for Linux.
  4. The Vulkan Shaders are generated for the native Vulkan support, like DirectX does it on Windows.

While many Games work flawless on Linux, not all do or need some tinkering. Most Games are just made with Windows in mind only.

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