Steam Play - games not launching

Most games I’ve installed so far are linux native and run fine. I’m trying to get 2 games running at the moment that require proton - Aim Lab and Quake Champions. Both are “Gold” on, but I cannot get them to run.

I have installed proton-6.13-ge-1, enabled steam play for supported titles in the Steam Settings, Steam Play options. There’s a second tick box there to tick for all other titles. If I tick that one, Steam wants to restart. After the restart, if I go back into that window, the second option is unticked again. Not sure why this happens.

So I installed proton 6.3-5, and after a restart the option does remain ticked. Fine.

However, when I try to run these 2 games, I click the Play button, and a window pops up saying “preparing to launch Quake Champions”, but then the window disappears and the green Play button comes back, but the game never opens or runs.

My laptop is an older one, and has an Nvidia GK104GLM (Quadro K4000M) card. I have installed nvidia-390xx. Kernel is 5.10.53-1.

I’m a bit lost. Any thoughts?

For Quake Champions, some of the ProtonDB reports talk about the latest Experimental build fixing major issues with a recent update to the game. Others have noted that it can take a few launches for the game to actual run.
I don’t play those games myself, but whenever I have trouble with a game not launching I often start by trying with ‘PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 %command%’’ on the launch options.

Thanks mate. I’ve tried those with no success. I did read something about a Quake Champions PTS (public testing server?) version that is working. Currently downloading that so see if it works. Will report back with results.

Does this driver support Vulkan, DXVK? I don’t think so, so you probably need some workaround…

Don’t you try run games from NTFS drive with Proton? If yes, this can be a thing. Wine (that Proton based on) very dependable on file system and permission. To know why the game doesn’t start add launch options:

For proton Beta:

PROTON_LOG=1 %command%


WINEDEBUG="+timestamp,+pid,+tid,+seh,+debugstr,+module" %command%

for stable version.

Logs will appear in home directory as steam-$gameid.log

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Just leave it here. For everybody who wants to run games from NTFS here is official guide from Valve how to mount NTFS correctly for Proton.

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