Steam native or Steam Manjaro

Can you say in general that you should load Steam-native with proton games , and
Steam-Manjaro with games that is already supported within Linux?

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generally speaking there are 2 steam starter:

  1. with steam runtime
  2. without steam runtime

The runtime contains binaries/libraries which are the same on any linux distro to ensure compatibility. Steam Native in this case disables this runtime and let the games use the system libs and bins.

So no, you cannot say that you have to load proton with native runtime. It depends on what the game depends on.

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I only use Steam Manjaro and never needed to use anything else.


Good for you then.

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You can tell Steam to use a system installed Proton, rather than its own, even with steam-manjaro, if that is what you are trying to achieve.

You only need Steam Native for very specific rare case. You don’t need Steam native, unless you know you need to load custom libraries for games.

But you can try to be a smart :flatbread: :poop: :flatbread: if you want