Steam-manjaro launches Steam LSi instead

Every time i try to launch Steam (Runtime) it launches LSI Steam, is that supposed to happen or is there something wrong?

I’m not sure, I noticed that the other day. The running application in the dock says it’s LSI Steam when using any Steam shortcut, but it’s actually not. I can tell because Rise / Shadow of the Tomb Raider will only launch with the runtime.

Further fiddling:

  • With linux-steam-integration installed, launching LSI Steam, Steam (Runtime) or Steam (Native) will show as LSI Steam.
  • With only steam-manjaro & steam-native installed, both Steam (Runtime) and Steam (Native) shows as Steam (Native).
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Then i’m actually running steam-manjaro but it’s displayed as LSI due to the Steam Linux Integration? That’s quite funny if i have steam-manjaro linux-steam-integration and steam-native installed, it’s displayed as (Native) regardless of which one i launch

I don’t know why it’s happening. All the installed files appear to be in order. :man_shrugging:

Is there a way to launch Steam from terminal and check if the correct one is being launched?

Yes, you can run steam-runtime, steam-native or lsi-steam. There’s no difference in behavior on my end.

How do i run it from terminal (noob question)?

I just listed the commands to run the binaries in question:

  • Steam (Runtime) = steam-runtime
  • Steam (Native) = steam-native
  • LSI Steam = lsi-steam

It seems the correct one is launching but it’s displayed as LSI or native who knows why that’s happening