Steam GUI just brings up a black screen

Hi all!

I’m having issues bringing up my Steam GUI that came preinstalled on my Manjaro XFCE. It has been working fine, but ever since the latest update, Steam has only brought me a black screen whenever I open it. Right now I can simply right click on the steam icon in my panel and open up my most recently played games, but otherwise I have no way of running my games or browsing my online library!

Should I just reinstall Steam? Anyone else having this issue?

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be welcome, and thanks always Manjaro Community!

ALWAYS check the update page before updating. ALWAYS.

The answer is in there. Under “Known issues and solutions” in the latest update.


You can run Steam from terminal using this command, avoiding downgrade freetype2.11 or change Steam to the beta branch:

LD_PRELOAD=/lib/ steam


DIdn’t know about this page, thank you!

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I run Steam beta for several years now and I just got the issue after Steam auto-update :frowning: Why the solution to use Steam beta isn’t working?

UPDATE: The issue is gone after I went back to non-beta version… WTF? Anyway, for now the issue is gone.

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