Steam games won't launch after the new nvidia driver update

After the new update games launch with the igpu and crash when launched with nvidia gpu. I’m using steam flatpak.

  Host: vidakov-laptop Kernel: 6.0.11-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64
    Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 5.26.4 Distro: Manjaro Linux
  Type: Laptop System: HP product: HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eg0xxx
    v: Type1ProductConfigId serial: <superuser required>
  Mobo: HP model: 8850 v: 34.31 serial: <superuser required> UEFI: Insyde
    v: F.30 date: 03/11/2022
  ID-1: BAT0 charge: 36.0 Wh (100.0%) condition: 36.0/36.0 Wh (100.0%)
  Info: quad core model: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 bits: 64 type: MT MCP
    cache: L2: 5 MiB
  Speed (MHz): avg: 1832 min/max: 400/4700 cores: 1: 670 2: 2800 3: 1168
    4: 587 5: 2800 6: 2800 7: 2800 8: 1038
  Device-1: Intel TigerLake-LP GT2 [Iris Xe Graphics] driver: i915 v: kernel
  Device-2: NVIDIA TU117M [GeForce MX450] driver: nvidia v: 525.60.11
  Device-3: Luxvisions Innotech HP Wide Vision HD Camera type: USB
    driver: uvcvideo
  Display: x11 server: X.Org v: 21.1.4 with: Xwayland v: 22.1.5 driver: X:
    loaded: modesetting,nvidia dri: iris gpu: i915 resolution: 1920x1080~60Hz
  API: OpenGL v: 4.6 Mesa 22.2.4 renderer: Mesa Intel Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)
  Device-1: Intel Tiger Lake-LP Smart Sound Audio
    driver: sof-audio-pci-intel-tgl
  Sound API: ALSA v: k6.0.11-1-MANJARO running: yes
  Sound Server-1: PulseAudio v: 16.1 running: yes
  Sound Server-2: PipeWire v: 0.3.61 running: yes
  Device-1: Realtek RTL8822CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter
    driver: rtw_8822ce
  IF: wlo1 state: up mac: 64:6c:80:26:38:43
  Device-1: Realtek Bluetooth Radio type: USB driver: btusb
  Report: rfkill ID: hci0 rfk-id: 3 state: down bt-service: enabled,running
    rfk-block: hardware: no software: yes address: see --recommends
  Hardware-1: Intel Volume Management Device NVMe RAID Controller driver: vmd
  Local Storage: total: 476.94 GiB used: 398.67 GiB (83.6%)
  ID-1: /dev/nvme0n1 vendor: Intel model: SSDPEKNW512G8H size: 476.94 GiB
  ID-1: / size: 468.09 GiB used: 398.64 GiB (85.2%) fs: ext4
    dev: /dev/nvme0n1p2
  ID-2: /boot/efi size: 299.4 MiB used: 32.3 MiB (10.8%) fs: vfat
    dev: /dev/nvme0n1p1
  ID-1: swap-1 type: file size: 512 MiB used: 0 KiB (0.0%) file: /swapfile
  System Temperatures: cpu: 58.0 C mobo: N/A
  Fan Speeds (RPM): cpu: 0 fan-2: 0
  Processes: 320 Uptime: 9h 43m Memory: 15.4 GiB used: 4.09 GiB (26.6%)
  Shell: Zsh inxi: 3.3.23

Edit: this is only for steam games everything else works with the nvidia gpu

Update: I just needed to update steam flatpak and now it works

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