Steam games on Linux? (Windows games)

What do I need tO be able to play even windows games on Steam for Manjaro? Is it download & play or do I have to setup stuff like play on linux? *wHAT DOES sTEAMos USE)

Steams use Proton for Windows Games and there is a switch, a checkbox to enable it.

install steam
open steam
open steam - settings - compatible and activate the 2 points

As I mentioned in the other thread, Steam is a big topic.

This link seems to give one of the simpler walkthroughs available:

There’s also a guide from the Steam Community:

And an ArchWiki page devoted to Steam:

I can only wish you luck.


Wow, that is eay, hope Mortal Online 2 & Pax Dei work, mostly this is to see if the games look better in Linux… Steam or Steam (Native)?




Cool, thanks. MS is getting more evil every day.

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Make sure to select Proton 9 as the Proton version used by default in Steam.
If needed for specific game, you can always override this setting to select another Proton version in the game properties in your library.

EDIT: Redacted due to misunderstanding.

What? It was a sentence. Don’t cut it in half and add a word in it, so it makes no sense.
If you don’t select the Proton version and follow up on subsequent new release, you’ll not have the latest version selected. When you enable Proton it activates the selectable list, and the item on top is Experimental.

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Ah, apparently I misunderstood. I’ve redacted my reply.

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Mortal Online 2 seems fine, but Pax Dei. The first time a test pattern like TVs have came up & it froze at loading. I thought I couldn’t get out so I rebooted. Then I launched again, same, it took more time than Windows, but I got in game, but my mouse didn’t look around. It it still alpha, so that might be it. Odd my mouse looks around in windows. I wish the main site had a forum to report & read about bugs. All it ok with Pax now, linux appears to have some issues with it. Slower loading mostly, but linux is on a SSD from another company.

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