Steam fontsize to small, the Solution

For all those who have GDK_SCALE=2 with the new Steam update and are now searching like me.

steam -forcedesktopscaling 1.25
(You can replace 1.25 with your preferred value)

This works.
If you have a better solution, please let me know.

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The Steam setting dedicated to font scaling Scale text and icons to match monitor settings (requires restart)?

This has had no effect on me

ON and OFF no setting position has effect (even making it smaller)? Maybe report the bug on the Steam Linux Client GitHub

I am having same issue, where would I put this? “steam -forcedesktopscaling 1.25” I already edited steam.desktop and updated it with another fix that didn’t work unfortunately.

For me personally enabling it or disabling it does absolutely nothing the font still stays small.

or in Terminal

steam -forcedesktopscaling 1.25

For testing enable
Scale text and icons to match monitor settings (requires restart) in steam - Options

There is news !
Since there were problems with forcedestopscale that some games did not start correctly. In my case it was Borderlands 3.
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The value can of course be adjusted

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