Steam folder install of games

Hello i try give me access to my other hdd i have fresh formated on ext4 for make steam folder and give steam access how i can

You can use Steam settings itself:

Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders

Another way might be to move that directory to your other hdd, then create a symlink back to the same location.

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Yes i want my game on my normal hdd not in original folder because is my nvme

its because i not have access for make folder in this second drive

ok now i have make folder with mkdir how can give steam acess … dont can install my game on this folder steam tell me wont have access

ok solved i have give me access to the folder i have make with mkdir now work

sudo mkdir


sudo chown -R user:user folder

I have this exact setup.

  1. have you made the hard disk read/writeable? You’ll have to do that first, I did it through terminal, and I followed the link in terminal.
  2. You’ll have to have steam make SteamLibrary folder on your external hdd. You can do it the way @cscs recommends, or you can do so through download process of a game

    Then steam will make a folder first and you’ll have to “download” again.

its ok now work i have make hdd read/write

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