Steam email authentication issue & package versions

A few days ago I installed steam-manjaro and after I logged in, SteamGuard kicked in and said that “You are logging in from a new computer…bla bla…we’ve sent an email”. I still haven’t gotten that email from Steam, I have gotten tons of other emails though, so my email is not the problem (and yes, I have checked my spam/junk folders, both on my desktop (evolution) and online. Steam told me to wait, and I believe I have now waited long enough.

I have never had this problem before, and I have had Steam installed on all my Manjaro installations. In my menu it is called Steam (runtime), I don’t remember that is was called Steam (runtime) on my previous installs, I believe it was just called Steam. So I am starting to wonder, did I install the wrong version of Steam (steam-manjaro)? Should I have installed steam-native instead? Any ideas on what is wrong here?

That has nothing to do with Manjaro.

I didn’t know there was different versions - but from my gamer son I have heard that Steam can be protective and it may just be that you hit a counter with Steam which needs to be reset somehow or you have to authorize the device using your Steam account.

I know this is the issue with a lot of licensed software - and it is an attempt to fight back against fraud.

I know, but that was just the introduction to my question, a little background on what I have tried so far.

I thought that was what SteamGuard was meant to do…or do you mean something else?

Maybe so, I’ll try to contact Steam and see what they have to say about it…and hopefully someone can confirm that steam-manjaro is the correct package, and then I definitely can blame everything on Steam :slight_smile:

Ps. I hate the Steam nonsense, my own games that I have purchased, is unplayable as soon as Steam have server troubles.

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I don’t know what SteamGuard is so what I mean is e.g. my licensed version of Teamviewer. I can install and run it on as many devices I like only one active session - so every time I start Teamviewer - for the purpose of remote controlling another device - on a new device I have to authorize the new device - which is a pain on Linux.

Some licensed apps only allow a limited number of devices and thus requires you to revoke one or more authorized devices.

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You are right, I might have hit some limit. The last 5 years I probably have installed Steam around 10 times on different machines. Well, usually the same machines, but with different operating systems. I love to tinker and have/choose to reinstall every now and then. I’ll check with Steam…

I don’t believe this is even a Linux issue.
See if you are using the correct address in case you use different addresses for different services.
Have it resend the mail. If you don’t get it, contact Steam support.

Email servers don’t operate instantly, they queue the mail before they send, all the mail to be delivered, in bulk.
Some take longer some take less.

But anyhow, this issue is not related to Manjaro Linux or any part of it, because it is an issue with your email and Steam system.
If it takes too long for you, you should disable SteamGuard or find other ways to approve the login.

Well, my original question was, have I installed the correct version of Steam. That IS a Manjaro/Linux related question.

But as we established previously in this thread, I might have hit some limit, and/or I might need to disable SteamGuard. Problem is though, that I can’t log in on the web, I can’t log in on my phone or computer, so I can’t disable SteamGuard right now or even contact their god damn support.

So consider my question solved, since I get the same issue on the web and on my phone!

(…even if I still have not gotten a confirmation that the correct version is the one I have installed, I think at this point we can assume that I have installed the correct package :slight_smile: )

About the 2 versions of Steam, there were posts about it some months ago, you can try with a forum search.

One is a slightly tweaked version from Manjaro with some included dependencies. If I remember well, no harm in having both installed.

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when you are using your Steam account on many computers ( and also different systems os ) ,
the last connexion ( os / steam / mail account ) will receive a mail for confirmation in a very short time
to let access from another computer

This made me check all my other computers to see if I had the Steam client installed there, and on the last machine (my laptop), I actually had it installed. For some super weird reason, it didn’t ask for the SteamGuard code on that machine when I logged in (even though Steam Guard is activated). So from that machine I could log in and finally disable Steam Guard once and for all. And Steam now works on my Manjaro machine as well! Awesome!

I doubt I will ever buy another Steam Game though, this incident made me realize how insane it is to not have your own copies of the games. Steam is ok when it works, but when it does not work, or if Steam suddenly went out of business, it is not great at all…

Thanks everyone for trying to help me…

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