Steam does not open

Steam doesn’t want to open no matter what I do, and when I try to open it on the terminal I got this:

Manjaro steam native configuration found!
Running Steam on manjarolinux 20.1.2 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is disabled by the user
Can't find 'steam-runtime-check-requirements', continuing anyway

And I tried the Flatpak version but it doesn’t recognize my second hard drive where I have all my games installed.

No idea what is causing that, but…
You could ofcourse manually remove all steam related directories in your homedir to make it re-initialize for your user account in Manjaro.
When it comes to your games, if you have put your games inside another directory by choosing a different Library location (as default) in your Steam options, you could use the same library under Manjaro also.
(That’s what i do, with my game library on a separate mount point)

Ok so, it turns out that Manjaro updated my nvidia drivers from the version 450.66 to the version 450.80 and not to the version 455. Now the normal version of Steam opens normally.

I’m having the same issue. What did you do to fix it? I’m kind of new to Manjaro. Can you tell me the steps you took to fix it? Thanks

I deleted the old drivers and then I installed the new ones, I did it on the Manjaro Settings Manager and then I rebooted the PC.

There was an update today, it totally fixed my problem! :slight_smile:

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