"steam compatibility tool configuration failed"

Error:steam compatibility tool configuration failed
Desc: Whenever you launch a game (Foxhole) and it won’t run, it’ll start just fine but crash at launch and at some point I ran into this particular error. Steam compatibility tool configuration failed, I rebooted game, Steam, verified files, uninstalled reinstalled game, Twice. Reboot, twice.

Still failed. I was able to get it working, by changing the settings below in Steam → settings → Shader Pre-Caching and Steam Play and restarting steam whenever it asked me to.

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Answer: #uncheck and then recheck the settings below.
Steam Shader Pre-Caching
Allow background processing.
Enable steam Play for supported titles.
(I have disabled) Enable steam play for all other titles.

Started Game and it worked.

Hope it helps someone in the future.

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