Steam and Ubisoft connect

hello dear Manjaros!
happy new year to everyone.

Maybe rather quick question: I played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey already on my Manjaro install PC.
REcently messed up my installation and was forced to re-install evefthing from scratch (Manjaro GNOME, steam, lutris, games).

Ever since the reinstall, Assassin’s Creed is failing to start with error: Ubisoft Connect launcher not found.
I would not be aware that previously I had to install this separately/explicitly - my understanding is that with latest steam-native version (from official repository, no flatpak) and proton the Ubisoft Connect launcher should be working somewhat ootb.
and again, the launcher was working before the fresh install and I was already playing the game for 60+ hours.

Any ideas for troubleshooting this?
Much appreciated!

Were you using this before?
Have you tried steam-manjaro?

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Hi @Satansbraten,

I don’t know if this is, perhaps, related to something that crept in with a previous update:

You can try it to test and find out.

Hope it helps!

@cscs - yes to both, have tried both steam versions (native and runtime), while I was only using the native version befoire the re-install.

@Mirdarthos - thanks, will see if that helps, but I doubt these issues are connected, I have no other issue with steamUgames other than this, seems my Ubisoft Connect install/packages are somewhat broken.

I also found that you cn install UbisoftConnect through lutris - may also be worth a shot.
Will update here, if I could resolve the issue.

Try deleting the Proton prefix which should be something like ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/812140/.

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