State of Plasma Wayland for multi-monitor setups with different refresh rates?

Hi folks,

Got a couple of question.
Currently waiting for the next Stable update before also switching my last and desktop over from Win10 to Manjaro. It’s a dual-monitor system, main 144Hz freesync and the other a standard 60hz, on an AMD Navi1 gpu.

Since I have been running KDE Manjaro on every other system I have for a few years now, I’ve know that Plasma Wayland is one option to go with (the other being Gnome) if one has multiple monitors with different and or (freesync) variable refresh rates.
But I have been putting off making the switch for my desktop waiting some AMD cpu kernel developments to be released in 5.15.1.
The forums also don’t see a lot of user posts/threads regarding dual/multi-monitor setups and Wayland.

So I would like to ask a few questions on experience from users who run multi/dual-monitors with different (variable) refresh rates, on Plasma Wayland on the Testing Branch or who have manually updated KDE with the latest Wayland fixes:

  • what is the state of Plasma Wayland fixes on Testing Branch, that can be expected to be included in the next Stable update on multiple monitor subject?
  • is there needed to know (know bugs or config specifics) beforehand when having such setup on an AMD gpu desktop system?
  • anything else that is useful to know beforehand when planning on making the switch when the upcoming Stable is released?

Thanks in advance.