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Hello Guys,
Just moved over to Manjaro KDE after years on Mint KDE. I tried the lastest Mint Cinammon but missed all the useful KDE tweeks. Must say I am very impressed it looks so much brighter and modern than Mint, even got Picasa to work with no hassle. I had trouble with the strange program names but more or less sorted now.
Anyway to my problem, on startup I quite often, but not always, get the attached error message for desktop effects and hot corners don’t work.
Can I alter anything to cure it?

If you are using an external monitor - that is a long standing bug with kde:
You can either enable backgorund contrast desktop effect as a workaround or press alt+shift+f12 to enable the compositor once per boot.

Spot on thank you, I do have a second monitor. I enabled “background contrast” as suggested and that has solved the problem. Don’t know what “background contrast” but it doesn’t seem to have made any different.
Just spent some time trying to find a USB writer, in Mint it is called usb writer, finally tracked down BalenaEtcher.
Don’t suppose anyone does program name conversion chart for newcomers to Manjaro?


As there is actually different “standard” software across the different DEs there is no translation, but if you are lost and as Manjaro is based on Arch, there is a software list in the Arch Wiki which can be helpful: List of applications - ArchWiki

I dislike that one for it’s sheer size/bloat.
Some good alernatives are named here:

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Thanks for the helpful replies. I think I will stick with BalenaEtcher as it is easier for my tired old pensioners brain.