Startup behavior: Desktop chooser plus keychain unlock

I’ve set my system to automatically log me in upon startup. However, it doesn’t bring me to the desktop but instead to the view where you can switch between applications (not sure what it’s called)

Additionally, I’m requested to unlock my keychain, so I need to type in my password.

Can somebody please help to get rid of both? I’d like to boot straight into the desktop, with no additional interference. Possible?



That is the default behaviour is gnome 40+ versions. You can using this extension and see it it helps:

From GNOME/Keyring - ArchWiki

  • To use automatic unlocking with automatic login, you can set a blank password for the default keyring. Note that the contents of the keyring are stored unencrypted in this case.

Installing and activating the gnome-shell-extension-no-overview extension helps, thank you.

Less luck with the keychain, however. Also, setting a blank password doesn’t seem right. I guess I’ll have to keep it as it is. Thx nonetheless!