Startup applications doesnt find my app

I’m using the latest version of Manjaro GNOME 21.1.6.
I have also installed an app called imwheel from “add/remove software” to increase the scroll speed of my mouse, works fine.
However, I cant find this app (IMWHEEL) in the GNOME tweaks app, under the start up applications tab. Very strange.
How do I fix this?

according to this:

Arch Linux - imwheel 1.0.0pre12-6 (x86_64)

and it’s description:

Description: Mouse wheel configuration tool for XFree86/Xorg

this is a graphical app and to be used in Xorg

If you run Gnome under Wayland (instead of Xorg)
then it may not even work.

In Xorg, you may find it among the normal applications - not in the Gnome tweaks.

Does it run when you start it from a terminal?

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Startup settings in Tweaks, you have to create the file, as imwheel is not providing a desktop file … You can follow this example of desktop file located in startup folder as described here.

Thank you guys!

I didnt want to fight it so I installed KDE insteead and this time its working just fine.