Starting system-config-printer on Gnome

I had to install system-config-printer to install my Canon ts5151 printer. To start it i have two options: either from a shell or by opening it from add/remove software. It is nowhere in my menu or application list and adding or changing a printer in the settings starts the standard printer setup. I have no problem with starting it like this i just wondered if after install system-config-printer should be available from the printer settings or inside the application list/menu?

In an English system, it should be called “Print Settings”.

Alas i cannot find it under that name. Not manually, not when searching via super key.

Copy /usr/share/applications/system-config-printer.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/, then edit it from there and remove the NotShowIn=GNOME; line at the very bottom.

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That worked like a charm. Thank you sir!