Starting into tty (going around lightdm) instead of Desktop

I am on xfce4 desktop and have trouble with the login as discussed in another Topic.

This might be due to an old bug in lightdm (at least that it was I suspect). In order to go around this I am wondering whether I can login into a tty session and do a startx from there, which I assume will kick me into xfce4.

Now, my question as per this Topic here would be “how to bypass lightdm in the login process.” Is it just disabling the lightdm.service and reboot? I plaid with just stopping it, which sent me into a black screen. So I am a bit capacious with disabling it.

Hi again @vrms,

According to:

“systemctl set-default” should stop systemd from starting the X server/X display manager.

So try that:

sudo systemctl set-default

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