Start menu disappeared after update

When I click the Manjaro icon, the “start” button, the menu is showing but it’s empty, its showing only the right side with ( …favorites, recently used, all applications, etc). The left side that contains File Manager and other applications disappeared from the menu.

It was all working perfectly but after the last update that happened, anyone can help me?

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This is an issue many people are running into currently, check the update thread for more info.

bug Fixed…I had to copy xfce4 folder to another folder and reboot, then I move folder back and its all perfect…

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Lele, I have the same problem with the start menu on my XFCE Manjaro after today’s massive update. But I don’t know how to fix it. Could you please explain it step by step? Which folder needs to be copied where?

Also, the thread that was posted by BusinessOrc doesn’t contain any explanation on how to fix this problem, as far ask I can see.

The folder is located in /home/<user>/.config and is called xfce4. If you move it away from that folder and restart a new one wil be generated. Overwrite that new folder with your old one that you moved previously… If I’m understanding @Lele right.

Well, I did just that, but now I am in a different desktop environment with which I am not familiar. Please take a look at the screenshot here:

this is definitely not xfce and it’s much slower.

I first did cut and paste of xfce4 folder from /home/bluestar/.config to /home/bluestar/
Then I restarted the computer. That’s when I first saw the new desktop environment. Then I copy/pasted the xfce4 folder from /home/bluestar/ back to /home/bluestar/.config but this didn’t bring back the old xfce dekstop.

Any idea how to get it back? Thanks.

To answer my own question: The explanation with moving, deleting and copying of xfce4 folder is erroneous and potentially dangerous. I ruined my Manjaro installation by doing that.

There is no need for such drastic measures. The whole start menu thing boils down to losing about 4 items from the “favorites” items in the start menu, after the latest update of Manjaro. And you can easily re-add them, manually.

I am not 100% sure what these items were exactly, but I know that they appeared in the left part of the start menu. I am pretty sure that we had there “Terminal”, “Web browser”, “File manager” and some 4th item.

Just simply search for these items by typing in the start menu, e.g. “File manager”, then right click on that item and choose “Add to Favorites”. Do the same for all the 4 or 5 items that you remember were in this area. There’s no need to reboot or to move any folders.

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