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I automaticaly launch applications at start of manjaro KDE (thunderbird, upnote…). I’d like to know if i could start Thunderbird, for exemple, directly on the second (or third…) virtual desktop?

Thanx in advance for your help.

Yes whichever desktop you have the app assigned to it will open on during system startup if you have that app set to autostart. My desktops are Applications, Internet, Dolphin, Spare. I have Stacer set to autostart on Applications at boot, and Telegram and Discord set to autostart on Internet on boot. Now that said I don’t know how it will behave if the focus stealing prevention setting is left to it’s default. I set it to none so when I launch something I will be taken to it’s desktop immediately.

Create a window rule for each application that you wish to start on a specific desktop. You can do this by right-clicking the title bar of the running application (“More Actions” → “Configure Special Application Settings”) or from within the System Settings (“Workspace” → “Window Management” →"Window Rules").

You can also start applications at a given virtual desktop from within a terminal window — see… :arrow_down:

kstart5 --help

It works very well! Thank you !! :tada:

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heads up the right click for assigning ndesktops and configuring special settings does not always work, if you want to do those apps without digging under the hood click on the apps titlebar then press Alt + F3.

Well, you’re right, Aragorn’s solution didn’t work with one of my appimage. But with Alt + F3 it did the job! Thanx.

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