Standby causes full fan speed

Hi everyone,
I have a Thinkpad T470.
After I put it in Standby via the Starter-menu and turn it on again, the fan runs with full speed the whole time; the air that is coming out is cold, I checked the sensors - all CPUs etc. stay “cold”.
But, if I type systemctl suspend in konsole, most times when it comes back on, the fan stays quiet.
I have read that this fan thing is T470 specific and can actually only be fixed by reboot.
I’m just wondering why the fan stays quiet when I use konsole; do you have a clou why?
k. r.


Did you check Lenovo ThinkPad T470 - ArchWiki ?
For the FAN thing there was a bug report for a similar model

Updating the BIOS to the latest for your model seems to be the way to fix it.

thank you for your answer Bogdan. Meanwhile I found out that closing the lid after putting it to standby fixes it (mostly); after I open lid, the fan stays quiet.