Stable Updates: Nothing for quite a time

I’m checking the announcements for StableUpdates quite regularly: In the past, there was one about every 7 … 12 days, actually it’s quiet since 2021-10-16 i.e. almost for a month. No problem at all, I only want to be sure, that there is nothing wrong from my side.
Thank you!

I confirm, nothing wrong on your side.


Manjaro is a curated rolling release, which means that updates are more properly tested than in other rolling-release distributions, and given that Plasma 5.23 and GNOME 4.1 are still very buggy and/or problematic in other ways, more testing is needed, while in the meantime upstream keeps on ironing out more bugs.


If you are checking forum announcements every day for a “stable update” maybe that branch isn’t for you and you can move to unstable or testing if you want the bleeding edge! And I have been there in my early days of linux. You can check the mirrors to make sure your aren’t out of sync but yeah! Just my observation.

Not as bleeding edge as Arch

A consequence of accommodating this testing process is that Manjaro will never be quite as bleeding-edge as Arch. Software may be released to the stable repositories days, weeks, or potentially even months later; however, users who wish to access the very latest releases can still do so by switching to testing or unstable branch. Doing so will prove you are knowledgeable and a Manjaro Linux poweruser.


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