[Stable Update] 2024-05-13 - Kernels, Plasma 6, Gnome 46, LxQT 2.0, Nvidia, Pacman

Onboard virtual keyboard starts ok but quits at moving mouse over it.

$ onboard
14:32:40.342 WARNING Config: mousetweaks GSettings schema not found, mousetweaks integration disabled.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

To fix it open ‘Onboard Settings’ >> ‘Keyboard’ >> ‘Advanced’ and set ‘Input event source’ to ‘GTK’


For me when I go to the download page at manjaro.org, the download is for 23.1.4, not the new version.

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as usual, ISOs will be ready a bit later than the update

You are a using an EOL 6.7 kernel which doesn’t have newest nvidia driver. Consider downgrading to LTS 6.6 or updating to latest supported 6.8.


I’m gonna hold back installing Plasma 6 for now. Just tried and it broke every customization (but this was to be expected) and has a lot of untranslated terms everywhere. Will wait another 6 months until it’s aged a little bit.

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Just unplug from the internet to be on a safe side.


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Well, if you do partial updates, the day KDE Plasma will be built against incompatible dependencies, you’ll be screwed to say the least.

I’ve been on Plasma 6 for two months in Testing and it has worked remarkably well since the beginning. For such a major release with breaking changes, I expected a utter disaster, but the upgrade went very smoothly. Even Plasma on Wayland works surprisingly well despite being relatively new, although it is unfortunately glitching up with some applications.

If you have some third-party extensions, it could be a source of problems.

You might want to use Plasma on X11 for now if you’re experiencing issues with Wayland. It is still available from the login screen (lower-left corner if I remember correctly, you have Plasma (Wayland) and Plasma (X11)). Although it is planned to be unsupported in the future, for now, it could do the job while the Wayland compositor gets more and more updates.


Please - allow the ISO to be rebuild and the web site to update - usually the update is before the ISO release

Well, see here: Testing 24.0 ISOs (#9) · Issues · Release plan / Releases · GitLab


Will do, thanks

Error: Target not found: python-manjaro-sdk

The KDE dialog parameters also look different, e.g. password input, looks like GTK windows …

That is because your last session was Wayland - what is done script wise when you update - is not interfering with your last choice …


The update went smoothly as always, but I had an issue with plasma6 freezing alone all of a sudden (desktop and taskbar not responding and mouse cursor still working and an alt + tab still shows the apps that I’ve opened) on both Wayland and X11, but I removed linux6x-* and it contained linux6x-nvidia I can have a working environment once again, hopefully this’ll help someone that stumbled on a similar issue.
Edit : still facing the same issue :rofl:


From reading the comments here, apparently resetting all KDE settings was expected‽ There should definitely be a warning in the top post!


KDE … all my own shortcuts have also disappeared, I’ll probably do a restore, the upgrade doesn’t look ready at the moment!


Manjaro KDE - Pre-update

  • Removed any custom widgets or themes. Checked ~/.config/*.* for any remnants that might interfere.
  • Switched to a default Global theme (Breeze).
  • Double-checked this announcement thread for possible issues that might affect me specifically.

Manjaro KDE - Update

First impressions

  • I’m not liking the new taskbar at all.
    The setting to change that to the previous non-floating taskbar can be found via the Edit Mode dialog. :eyes:
  • Settings items are reorganised; time to retrain the brain.
    “Engineers… they love to change things!”
    – Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy (Star Trek franchise)

Next steps

  • Perform updates on actual hardware rather than VM installs.



It’s bound to cause all sorts of “issues.” “Issues” that you, the user and owner need to fix


You can set it to fixed, so that it’s not floating anymore. That makes it better.


is this supposed to be a joke?

Nope. Have seen it multiple times.

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There is no such warning in the top post. If you mean a separate announcement, then I have no idea which one you mean, I only follow “Stable updates” and probably many people do that. Many others do not even do that, but assume that system updates just work™.