[Stable Update] 2023-10-09 - Mesa, Grub, GlibC, Thunderbird, KDE Frameworks Renaming

I’m unable to open Manjaro Settings Manager after this update (I’m on XFCE).

I have no issue opening it on KDE. However, I do note that all previously created links to it are missing; along with other links usually residing in ‘Favourites’.

First thing: I messed up my files - it’s true :slight_smile: I should be more careful.

Second thing: don’t be so judgy :smiley: by “known issue” I mean this: error message when login is refused due to missing entry in /etc/shells · Issue #817 · shadow-maint/shadow · GitHub
I think it’s issue when you don’t have proper shell entry in /etc/shells but the message is “incorrect password” :wink:

@khandakershahi You can also try method “grub init=/bin/bash” (google it) and fix /etc/shells file :slight_smile:

I agree, to the extent that it’s not overly intuitive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! this fix is intended for Xfce, but I had the same problem in Cinnamon and it’s the same fix :slight_smile: (Just in case anyone has the same problem)

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Nope. It’s intended for the GTK3 framework. (There’s a clue in the name. :wink:)
It just so happens that both Xfce and Cinnamon uses it. (AFAIK anyway.)

Your profile suggests you are on Testing branch?

Try launching Manjaro Settings Manager from terminal



manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_kernel

if GUI fails to launch there should be error messages in terminal

i’m on stable branch

this is the the error i get in terminal:
manjaro-settings-manager: error while loading shared libraries: libKF5ItemModels.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

check if kitemmodels5 is installed.

The fix was first reported and verified by Xfce users on Testing branch but should work for other DEs

If another Cinnamon user can confirm this is a viable solution, information posted in Known issues and solutions can be edited to include other DEs

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Can’t reproduce. It sounds as though you may be in an unsupported partial upgrade state. Please make sure you are fully up to date and have rebooted after updating.

It’s still kitemmodels in the stable branch.

> pacman -Fx libKF5ItemModels.so                                                                                                                                                            
extra/kitemmodels 5.106.0-1 (kf5)

Cinnamon user here, I can confirm that when pamac-gtk 11.0.1 with Gtk 4 appeared in July’s update, it didn’t work at all with my dark theme and was entirely white, so replacing it with pamac-gtk3 did indeed the trick for me toot!

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Thanks, I installed kitemmodels5 and the issue is fixed now, I can open Manjaro Settings Manager.

I used pamac to update the system, and it doesn’t need any manual interference. Having said that, it renamed all the old files to /usr/lib/locale/*/*.old, so I still have to remove them manually afterwards to clean up the system.

IMO you were more under-informed than mis-informed. Known issues and solutions should have advised users to merge new settings from /etc/shells.pacnew into /etc/shells without deleting any additional shell configurations added by user

A user on testing branch asked about merging these files without losing zsh configurations and posted contents of both files in unstable update 2023-05-21 that may help you get your zsh entries restored

What is this kitemmodels5, in any case? (curious).

Ah, thanks – class plugins