Stable Update 2023-10-04 breaks POS-80 xprinter

After updating, the printer prints characters. I rolled back and everything is fine, but I wonder what the reason is, maybe which packages should not be updated or how to repair them.

What packages are you using ?

DE: KDE 5.109.0 / Plasma 5.27.7
Manjaro 23.0.1 Uranos

This is clear install, after i update system printers breaks (
Driver: XP-80 (grayscale)
I tried not updating gutenprint and manjaro-printer but it didn’t help.

It is necessary not to update cups-filters 1.28.17-4 → 2.0.0-1 and the problem is solved :slight_smile:

A partial update is never a solution. It puts your system in an unsupported state.

Yes, but I don’t know how to fix it in another way.