[Stable Update] 2023-09-10 - Kernels, Systemd, Firefox, Thunderbird, LLVM

Maybe you need to update theme? I have no issue on Firefox with KDE on my systems.

Mesa nonfree repo has been updated, but lib32 version there is still at 23.1.2, using llvm15 (and there are no 32-bit llvm libs available currently).

To get steam running, I’ve manually downloaded and installed lib32-mesa- from nonfree.eu testing repository.

I wonder what is the cause of discrepancy between manjaro and nonfree.eu repos. It has been flawless up to that point.


Every indication is that it won’t unless you make a post at the kernel forum so they know about your special issue and can do something about it. If it has been broken since 5.15 that area of the kernel is not actively being worked at.

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Upgrading manjaro-i3-settings (20221117-1 → 20230912-1)… [2/2]
xset: unable to open display “”
Error: manjaro-i3-settings: command failed to execute correctly

i don’t know, I guessthis refers to the failing xset command. but why?

The GNOME animations on my Lenovo AMD Z16 laptop have become slow and stuttering since this update. The animations to open the overview or change workspaces have been butter smooth before and are now stuttering. I don’t see anything suspicious in journalctl. Is anyone else with an AMD based system experiencing something similar? I use Wayland and the open source GPU drivers.

This package upgrade didn’t do anything but change the default application for pdf:

Your issue must have some other cause.

right. the fail is caused by the install script:

According to Phoronix, the default CPU governor for AMD CPUs since kernel 6.5 should be amd pstate driver in active mode.

However, Manjaro is still using acpi driver by default (I’ve checked both 6.5.1 and 6.6rc1).
Is there any specific reason why Manjaro is still using the old governor?

It is possible to enable amd_pstate_epp, it’s just not being used by default.

yes but please open a thread for it.
that question isn’t that simple to answer and i’ll also expect a philosophic aspect beside it.

Because… not everyone is using an AMD processor,maybe? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could/Should this be added to the update announcements, or under “Additional Info” maybe?

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That’s not a bad idea, but then it should be included for every update in each of the three branches.

The advice is not new, however. We’ve been telling people that for ages already. But of course, the user always knows best, you know? :roll_eyes:

Also, people don’t want to use a command line; they want to use the shiny point & click thing. :man_shrugging:

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Seamless update, thank you very much, invlovees!
Wayland and KDE is a buggy thing still, I know at least with Nvidia. Hopefully Plasma 6 (announced for Feb 24) will come to terms with that.

Have you figured it out or may I offer assistance? Updating via TTY I mean…

boost is broken, the lib32-boost requires an older version of boost. I’ve solved the problem by uninstalling the packages, luckly I don’t use boost.

Remove lib32-boost, it was dropped from the repos as it’s no longer needed. See Arch Linux - Todo: Drop unused boost-libs dependency

Thanks for offer but im fine, im updated few days ago.

Aragorn explained me everything in this Topic already. :slight_smile:

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I’m a relative newbie to Manjaro. I used Mint before, but previous experience was mostly windows aside from my DEC/PDP/Vax work. Yes I’m also an oldie! :slight_smile:

I’ve had Manjaro installed on my Workstation for getting on for a year now. I’m gradually learning more and more, but only just summoned the courage to try this method of updating and its great and probably the best idea. I’ve not had a problem using the pamac gui up to now, but I only have two apps installed from the AUR, everything else is bog standard.

The problem is this. The main home page for Manjaro says this “It is user-friendly and suitable for those new to computers”

Those people do not understand cli, tty etc etc.

Those of us with that sort of experience and those with bag fulls of Linux experience have to remember that there are those who will only want to use Linux, as a desktop, with a GUI. If we say that they should not as they do not understand cli, tty etc. Then we are not promoting the use of Linux over that other dictatorial computer software that comes with most systems.

Flame off. Sorry.


Yeah. This is OT for an update thread, but I’ll say this much: I think it is misleading to represent a rolling-release Linux distro as “suitable for those new to computers”. One look at the first thread on any stable release announcement should make that clear: references to the Arch forums, github, and command line instructions could easily overwhelm new computer users unless they were already technically adventurous.

I’m not sure Linux can ever be made truly newbie-friendly. Over the last 15-20 years, it has become much more widely usable by those who are able–and willing–to invest some time in learning about the complexity behind the GUI. But that complexity is a limit that not even money can overcome easily–see Windows, frustrated users of.

More conversation should probably be moved to the Member Hub.

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Yeah. Your right. Sorry for posting it here.

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