[Stable Update] 2023-09-10 - Kernels, Systemd, Firefox, Thunderbird, LLVM

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Forgive me for posting a non-issue. I used to have sound issues with the post-5.10 kernel versions, I’ve written about this in some threads (now locked), but 6.1 works great. I ascribe this to the LTS, that’s why I installed 6.1 in the first place to check it out.

Update was alright. Cheers

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Had the same issue myself, but ended up needing to install the 32-bit version of the library from the AUR to get it to work…dunno why it’s not in the official manjaro repo.

I also have the problem with the renderer and I was able to fix by installing llvm15-libs, as @iCEVooDoo sugested.
During the 2023-09-10 update, the llvm-libs package was upgraded: 15.0.7-3 -> 16.0.6-1
To my understanding the mesa-nonfree was compiled/requires the 15.XX version of llvm-libs.

Question: don’t we need to also update the mesa-nonfree packages, shouldn’t they also be compiled against the latest version of llvm-libs? As of now, no updates are available.


After this last update I’m experiencing an issue with KDE: I have Manjaro on a laptop that I connect to a second screen. Now, every time I reboot, power up or simply connect the second screen to my laptop the display configuration is completely ignored and it’s randomly messed up. That is, sometimes the second screen mirrors the primary laptop screen, sometimes the windows can’t be displayed on it, and other random oddities. I can make it work by reconfiguring the screen layout in the display configuration, but I have to do this every single time.

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Doesn’t directly address your problem, but is there a reason you are using keepass instead of keepassxc?


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Gave 6.1 another chance, power management is still bad. Back to 5.15…maybe the next LTS will get it right

Happened on my set up too.

Small minor issues, but the minimize, maximize, and close icons in the upper right corner disappeared for Firefox and Remmina. BTW, I’m using KDE Plasma.

Maybe you need to update theme? I have no issue on Firefox with KDE on my systems.

Mesa nonfree repo has been updated, but lib32 version there is still at 23.1.2, using llvm15 (and there are no 32-bit llvm libs available currently).

To get steam running, I’ve manually downloaded and installed lib32-mesa- from nonfree.eu testing repository.

I wonder what is the cause of discrepancy between manjaro and nonfree.eu repos. It has been flawless up to that point.


Every indication is that it won’t unless you make a post at the kernel forum so they know about your special issue and can do something about it. If it has been broken since 5.15 that area of the kernel is not actively being worked at.

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Upgrading manjaro-i3-settings (20221117-1 → 20230912-1)… [2/2]
xset: unable to open display “”
Error: manjaro-i3-settings: command failed to execute correctly

i don’t know, I guessthis refers to the failing xset command. but why?

The GNOME animations on my Lenovo AMD Z16 laptop have become slow and stuttering since this update. The animations to open the overview or change workspaces have been butter smooth before and are now stuttering. I don’t see anything suspicious in journalctl. Is anyone else with an AMD based system experiencing something similar? I use Wayland and the open source GPU drivers.

This package upgrade didn’t do anything but change the default application for pdf:

Your issue must have some other cause.

right. the fail is caused by the install script:

According to Phoronix, the default CPU governor for AMD CPUs since kernel 6.5 should be amd pstate driver in active mode.

However, Manjaro is still using acpi driver by default (I’ve checked both 6.5.1 and 6.6rc1).
Is there any specific reason why Manjaro is still using the old governor?

It is possible to enable amd_pstate_epp, it’s just not being used by default.