[Stable Update] 2023-07-17 - Kernels, Pipewire, KDE Frameworks, Systemd, Firefox, Wine

I have skipped the previous update due to many reported problems. Is there something special I need to do for this update or is my regular sudo pacman -Syyuuw (and afterwards sudo pacman -Su) enough?

It’s probably best to follow @Mirdarthos ’ link to the arch wiki, to get a proper understanding of the fundamental process. However, vimdiff can be very unwieldy to the unexperienced. You might try a different merge tool:

sudo pacman -S meld
DIFFPROG=meld MERGEPROG=meld pacdiff -s

Hm was the pamac-gtk theme fixed for Plasma as well?
Did the last 3 updates in one go, afterwards pacdiff -s.
I had removed Thermal Monitor Fix - KDE Store which I thought had too much effect on CPU consumption.
All but pamac-gtk seem to be nice (I did sudo pacman -S pamac-gtk3 because the theme was not the system’s), thank you very much, also for the Nemo update.



Are you on Wayland or X11? I’ve been on Wayland for a while and IIRC, this has been the case for quite some time and is not a recent regression.
Btw, SDDM runs on tty1 on my machine, kwin_wayland uses tty2.

When I read this, I understand I need to make changes to /etc/pacman.conf. The update process, however, has not created a /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew file. Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed in /etc/pacman.conf to remove the “community” repository? I only see references to [core], [extra] and [multilib] in my pacman.conf, so I am at a loss what I need to change.

Forgot to mention, yes I’m on KDE Plasma.

Well, nothing then.

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I noticed there is a stable version dated 7/17, but a pacman -Syu does not find any updates. I have two VM’s running the Gnome and Plasma desktops and neither have found any updates in about two weeks.


returns ok on the first line? By now all the mirrors should be synced. If not you can change them

pacman-mirrors -f 5

I’m running Plasma on X11. Normally in Arch and Manjaro, this puts both SDDM and Plasma at tty1.

On KDE Plasma HiDPI Wayland this update results in having no highlighting bar when moving the mouse in the Application Launcher aka the Main Menu. In e.g. System Settings or Firefox the menu items are highlighted but in the Launcher not.
Otherwise the menu seems fully functional.

I was able to resolve this by updating the mirrors.

Libadwaita* that is not supported by Xfce

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On one of my computers I have the same problem as one user reported earlier — kernel panic with this message:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

EDIT: Fixed by trying lots of different things that I found on random internet sites. No idea what exactly helped.



When opening the pamac GUI from the red shield icon indicating new updates it opens, gets to 95%, then vanishes. It also looks like gnome even though I’m on Plasma and is ignoring all Appearance settings like colour scheme, maximised / close button style, font sizes, etc.

I see mention of the new GTK4 version not being compatible with Xfce, but what about KDE Plasma?

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For the first question, what does it mean 95%…please show the actual log. Near the Apply button there is an arrow, click it right after you click Apply/Type the pass. And copy-paste here.

For the second question: it is not a plasma app, so yes, it will not inherit the breeze theme. Be happy it is at least dark and not white :slight_smile: You’ll have to live with pamac being greyish instead of blueish. I guess you can play with the config files and make it a breeze theme, if you spend the time experimenting please remember to post the end result (the config file) for others to use.

By 95% I meant the “checking for updates” bit that shows as soon as you open it from the red shield icon, not an install / build process. Opening it from the “Add/Remove Software” shortcut in the application launcher works fine though.

I have now installed the gtk3 version that is compatible with system themes, though I won’t know if the 95% crash was also due to gtk4 or something else until a new update appears.

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