[Stable Update] 2022-11-02 - Kernel, Plasma 5.26.2, Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09, LibreOffice, Virtualbox 7.0.2, Systemd, Mesa

Glad to see that the xdg-desktop-portal-kde dumped core journal entries have been resolved with this update!


On my Thinkpad P14s AMD Gen 1 running Kernel 6.0.6-1 fprintd does not work anymore

Nov 07 12:20:35 machineid fprintd[3193]: identify has failed: 502
Nov 07 12:20:35 machineid fprintd[3193]: Device reported an error during identify for enroll: Unexpected result from device 502
Nov 07 12:20:53 machineid fprintd[3193]: Authorization denied to :1.131 to call method 'Claim' for device 'Synaptics Sensors':>
Nov 07 12:21:07 machineid fprintd[3193]: Authorization denied to :1.131 to call method 'Claim' for device 'Synaptics Sensors':>
Nov 07 12:21:16 machineid fprintd[3193]: Authorization denied to :1.131 to call method 'Claim' for device 'Synaptics Sensors':>

Clearing fingerprint memory from BIOS did also not resolve the issue.

Same with Kernel 6.1.0rc2-1.

Also, after sleep touchpad clicking and two finger scrolling/clicking does not work anymore.
Even resetting it with

sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse

does not work (anymore… it did on older 6 Kernel versions which broke the touchpad on wake as well… not sure what to do about this, so far only a reboot did helps).

Virtualbox for linux 5.18 is broken,

…as linux518-virtualbox-host-modules has not been upgraded and is not available on the mirrors! The host modules package is still on “6.1.36-7” while virtualbox is 7.0.23.

Could it be that this is a kind of special package? Maybe we need to make sure that at least major version agrees between host-modules and virtualbox?

Temporary work around
Switch to kernel 515.

EDIT: 518 was never a recommended kernel, but I see it has now been dropped too. Then still, pacman shoud have blocked upgrading virtualbox to 7 as it would break a dependency, no? @philm


  • linux518-virtualbox-host-modules only depends on linux518 which hasn’t been updated either (since it was also dropped)
  • linux518-virtualbox-host-modules provides a virtual dependency VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES
  • virtualbox does not require a version specific dependency for VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES
  • Thus, virtualbox can be updated even if the packages providing VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES are not.

As 5.18 is EOL, switching to a currently supported kernel is the only fix you can have.

Right clicking on some programs in latte-dock is no longer working.
It works finde for most (e.g. Firefox, vscode) but does not for others (e.g. Chrome/Dolphin) no menu pops up there.

Right click works fine for all in the default task manager. Any ideas?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, but shouldn’t it? Virtualbox balked that the versions do not match, so there is a version requirement, but we don’t specify it.
Is it because we need to allow a version mismatch, as in: you can sometimes not update the host-modules before all guest machines have their guest-utils upgraded too? Otherwise I dont see why we allow the mismatch to happen.

That may be inherently unneeded as Manjaro does not support partial upgrade, in the sense it is expected that all packages are used at their latest version. The case here is that an EOL kernel was used, which should have been switched for another.

Hi All,

For people having problem with VirtualBox 7.0 message “USB enumeration error” (as me):

Fortunately, this is simple. Open a terminal window and issue the command:

sudo usermod -aG vboxusers $USER

Log out of the desktop and log back in. Start VirtualBox 7.0, and you should see those errors have vanished. Huzzah.

Source: How to fix the VirtualBox USB enumeration error and extension pack installation | TechRepublic



I get a “No Signal” error message with a graphic drawing tablet, “xp-pen 15.6 Pro”, as 2nd monitor since the update. Using KDE. On Manjaro Live USB and Ubuntu the drawing tablet works without an error.

Phil, it should be mandatory to input the desktop before posting.

Add such a field to the box, every time a question is asked.

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Any new solutions/workarounds for this? removing/renaming kscreen folder didn’t work.

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After this update LibreOffice Calc often recovers an open document after screen lock with KDE.
So right after logging in after screen lock Libre Office opens a popup and offers the already open document for recovering.
Same behaviour when switching between different desktop sessions.

I’m still running the same “old” issue with VirtualBox and Intel 9th gen CPU: I have to have ibt=off in kernel parameters in order for VMs to start. I’m running 6.0.6-1 kernel and dkms-built vbox kernel modules.

I get this errors:

libvirtd: Interner Fehler: Missing udev property 'ID_VENDOR_ID' on '3-1'
libvirtd: Interner Fehler: Missing udev property 'ID_VENDOR_ID' on '3-2'
libvirtd: Interner Fehler: Missing udev property 'ID_VENDOR_ID' on '3-4'

How can I resolve this?

The following two commands don’t produce the same result as before, and I consider it a bug:

xcape -e 'Caps_Lock=Escape'
setxkbmap -option caps:ctrl_modifier -option shift:both_capslock

Before: CapsLock becomes Esc on a short press, and Ctrl if you hold it.
Now: it is only Ctrl, which is a no-go for Vim-heavy user.

This solution didn’t work for me, however, I found a solution that did work: After rolling back with Timeshift, I disabled my secondary monitor before applying the updates. After rebooting, I re-enabled the secondary monitor.

KDE; Nvidia 3070Ti; primary monitor (DP); secondary monitor (HDMI)

Hello Everybody.

Update runs smooth exept virtualbox 7.0.2

Errors i discovered in Virtualbox:

  1. VirtualBox Guestadditions 7.0.2. causes crash on some Guest Systems.
    Crashes Win10, win11 and Win Server 2016.
    The new WDDM Driver causes this crash.
    Workaround: Disable 3D Support before you install the Guest Additions on the Guest.

  2. Build in VNC-Server Crashes the guest randomly.

  3. RDP Connection directly to the guest does not work or ends up in a black Screen.
    Blame this all on the new WDDM driver.

  4. .Net aplications in the guest will only work over Network with the enp67s0 Driver.

All in all 7.0.2 appears to be 20% slower then 6.1.38

Well there are many Bugs still in 7.0.2 virtualbox. In the end it should not be in the stable branch.

Somebody can confirm this bugs?

Is there a workaround for VNC and RDP?

My workaround at the moment is using noMachine to connect to my VMs.

Greets CC