[Stable Update] 2022-10-10 - Kernels, Octopi, Deepin, GlibC, Haskell, Python; Nvidia 520.56.06

After this update I faced with long time shutdown.
I use KDE.
does anybody have the same issue?

Worked around the issue for now by downgrading Qt packages to 6.3.2. Basically this worked by:

pamac install downgrade
sudo DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade qt6-5compat qt6-base qt6-declarative qt6-positioning qt6-quick3d qt6-quicktimeline qt6-serialport qt6-shadertools qt6-svg qt6-tools qt6-translations qt6-wayland qt6-webchannel qt6-webengine 

and then chosing version 6.3.2 for all packages.

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I had this in the past a few times, where after a major upgrade on my system, a reboot/shutdown would take ages, or even stuck (seemingly). So I sometimes try a few key combinations and presses and it would restart successfully. My suspicion was the Nvidia driver, but that is probably because I hate it. Do you have Nvidia?

I press ctrl+alt+del for rebooting when system stucks on shutdown and then after reboot just try again to shutdown. but it’s annoying.
I use amd video

In my case it takes around 2 mins to shutdown the hdd when initiating a shut down. I’m using XFCE and NVIDIA. Unsure how to fix it.

Don´t [ CTRL+ALT+DEL ] !

if possible :wink:

Gentle shut down a suddenly hanged PC to minimize a chance of getting a broken filesystem and data loss:

Hmm. Maybe you could use xrandr. Using HDMI here is one example to turn it on.

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --set dithering On

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Metapackage manjaro-pulse is to install 3 base packages needed for PulseAudio:
( pulseaudio + pulseaudio-alsa + pulseaudio-bluetooth )
If you skipped updating, or even removed this metapackage, there should be no adverse effect on PulseAudio packages

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And what about the new Kernel?

Im worried, that when i upgrade the newest Kernel and after a restart. That its may possible, that my PC wont boot into Linux… because the newest nvidia driver is needed somewhere?

My Monitor is actually working with a Display Port Cable… Do i have to use a HDMI Kabel when i try your command?

I think you would use the command

–output eDP1


–output eDP1-1

Not sure. The HDMI was just for example purposes.

Your kernel concerns: Do you have another kernel installed to use as a fallback if a newer kernel gave you a black screen? I like to have more than one kernel installed for that reason.

With Kernel 5.9 I started to see issues with my Thinkpad P14s AMD Gen 1’s touchpad. After waking up from sleep dragging would not work anymore. Also, double tapping would not be working anymore. I had to run “sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse” every time in order to make it work again.

This was fixed with the first RC of Kernel 6.

Now, with 6.0.2-2 touchpad issues have reoccurred.

I dont have other Kernels installed, but if i had… they would be updated too if they arent EOL.

When i look at the nvidia xserver menue it shows DP-4 as connected device.


So should i use this command?
xrandr --output DP-4 --set dithering On


xrandr --output eDP1-4 --set dithering On

I had an issue with ceph-lib 15.2.17-1 not updating/rebuilding and crashing pamac. Then the system became unresponsive after trying to update it a couple of times though pamac (couldn’t reboot, couldn’t open a terminal).

I did a search for ceph-lib 15.2.17-1 and the general response was to delete it if not needed. I can’t remember installing it as I rarely install anything from AUR any more where I can help it.


The second one I think, based on what format xrandr likes.

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I think there is bug on latest nvidia drivers 520.56.06 Color banding and animation issues with 520.56.06 - #3 by kyngskyngs - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums . I have this issue.
Btw how to downgrade nvidia drivers? Using downgrade from cli?

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This update caused me a lot of pain, I installed it 4 times and had to go back 4 times after. In the past I haven’t had any major problems with updates but this one is really bad, at least for me. I am using pipewire and wireplumber and my microphone starts crackling after installing the update.
When my pc goes into sleep or hibernation mode, my 3 monitors mirror the content of one until I restart. Often I loose a taskbar or some widgets while doing so, sometimes the KDE widgets switch to a different monitor for no obvious reason. Having the monitors turn off after some given time screws up my wallpaper and crops the one on my bigger main monitor to the size of the smaller ones next to it.
Klipper doesn’t work at all until I restart plasma once after booting up.
It’s a big mess and I am really looking forwart to the next big update, in hopes that it will improve things.
I consider myself to be a heavy user of Manjaro and I do :heart: your work but I would appreciate Manjaro offering less broken updates in the future. :melting_face:

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After the issue accured i used timeshift to the second last stable (Kernel) release,
because the new Kernel upgrade is only available with the newest nvidia driver upgrade… it forced to me to install both Kernel/nvidia driver at the same time.

At the moment im using 5.15.74-3 Kernel with the last working nvidia driver because no one helps me to downgrade my nvidia driver on the new Kernel.

I never downgrade a driver… can you give me the exact cli command and lead to though the process?

And how and where should i do it? Should i use tty, maybe i will get blackscreen. When im on the KDE Desktop, a normal Terminal cli isnt good idea to rollback a gpu driver, i think.

I’m still on this 520.56.06 nvidia drivers. Did not downgrade. Waiting for the fix from nvidia.