[Stable Update] 2022-09-12 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Gear, KDE Frameworks, Firefox, Thunderbird, Pipewire, Mesa

It seems I was wrong to attribute the lag to this update, I discovered that by coincidence BOINC was running some tasks at this time using the GPU, which in the past have made my desktop appear sluggish, when I suspended BOINC the desktop performance appeared normal. Actually I think otherwise my circa 2008 system is running marvellously for its age and old GPU.


After upgrade, everything is working well except Window Decoration! I am using Blur-Glassy-v2 as my Window Decoration which is transparent with a blur effect but after upgrade it is just transparent without any blur effect.

It’s really annoying, is there any solution?

I have the same problem too.
Did you fix it?

I had several times flickering/display-freeze apps. When make a input (like mouse move), click in another app, the problem app one time refresh the view (the input from before). Only the display of this app (only one app at time) is flickering/frezze until the click in another app. This game I can play a long time. It seems only happens after long time on (>8 hours) or big swap maybe … 1st time I see a error like this.
5.19 kernel, plasma X11, AMD graphics
Happens with apps like Vivaldi, SMplayer, audacious, firefox

I created another Topic, it looks like that our Theme needs to be updated from the maintainers.


Hello, I thank all the participants who create excellent manjaro systems, though I am very grateful that all this is there. After updating to 5.25 plasma, when the lid is closed (there is a shutdown command), the laptop goes into standby mode, and when the lid is opened, it just freezes and turns off only with the power button. On 5.24 there is no such thing. Also, the labels on the table are constantly changing their location. I have Bumblebee and nvidia 820m, together with i5 intel. In this regard, I rolled back the updates through TimeShift, and installed everything except the plasma modules 5.25. I think over time it will all get better, but for now I think plasma 5.24 will be better for me

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Same problem, rolled back. Only the kernel I have is 5.15


Why not quote the actual solution?
Why not add it to first post? Unsatisfactory…

kwriteconfig5 --file startkderc --group General --key systemdBoot false

Suspend resume works with the 5.19 kernel.

Thanks, I’ll try, but as far as I remember with the 5.19 kernel, I had other difficulties (I don’t remember exactly which ones)

Sounds amazing :vulcan_salute: Which Platform are you using Intel or AMD CPU?
Also stick with 5.15 because of this issue.

The GPU in my aging Dell XPS 13 laptop is Nvidia. I use the Noveau driver. It works well for this. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t help), 5.19 behaves the same as 5.15, NVidia 390 driver, m820 graphics card

Well that is a major bummer. :frowning:

Let’s wait, I think it will improve over time), the 5.19 kernel is somehow faster or something, I’ll test it, until I see any problems with it (well, except for these, of course)

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After increasing the Virtual RAM to 4 Gig, the upgrade of XFCE in a Virtual Box VM went as smooth as butter.

It caused the Host to crash, requiring a hard shutdown, with 2 Gig of RAM, even though the initial update after install worked perfectly, with only 2 Gig.

I’ve not noticed any issues, other than it failed to reboot, after the upgrade was complete, and I had to shut it down from the VM Manager.

Hello. I upgraded my computer recently and after that, it doesn’t resume after suspend. Just a black screen and it doesn’t respond. I have tried several kernel versions because I updated it, but no luck.

Any idea of what causes this?

If you don’t mind, open a thread in the support section and post the details of your computer through the output of sudo journalctl -p3 -xb and inxi -Fazyv7


Hello, have you tried to rollback with timeshift? If everything is configured correctly for you, snapshots are created automatically before updating.

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Firefox 104.0.2

Version 105.0, first offered to Release channel users on September 20, 2022

We need to get the latest versions of browsers as soon as possible for security reasons.