[Stable Update] 2022-05-13 - Kernels, Mesa, Nvidia, Gnome 42, PipeWire, LIbreOffice, KDE Gear & Frameworks, Virtualbox, Qemu 7.0

It does not exist anymore.


I’m having an issue with the coloring of the global menu which was introduced with Plasma 5.24.5. This bug has already been reported (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=453348) and should be fixed in Plasma 5.24.6.

strange one of the pcs does not even support vulkan.

I am having a very similar issue. In my case, clicking on “Change Background” sends me to the settings Appearance section, which is literally empty.
I tried changing the appearance through Gnome Tweaks, but the changes aren’t reflected either.

Bluetooth doesn’t start on login screen after reboot.

I tried applying AutoEnable=true in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf . It did not work.
Neither did this snap Install bluetooth-autostart on Manjaro Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Also have an issue with qBittorrent not showing in the notification area, which might be related to this; Cannot enable "Show qbittorrent in notification area" in 4.4.0 in GNOME 41 · Issue #16015 · qbittorrent/qBittorrent · GitHub

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$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface color-scheme default

I can set background from Settings again. Changing Appearance in Tweaks also works.

However I still have no idea how to fix keyboard shortcuts.

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I was playing portal 2 before installing the update, everything was fine I had not issues.

I then installed the update, restarted and then I started having issues with stuttering with the aiming. The issue is that I did not have this issue before the update.I don’t know if the update changed something to cause this issue. I’m not sure how to diagnose what went wrong, it seems as if the update caused this issue.

Regarding Firefox, try to clear the cache completely. With me it improved the situation

Unfortunately this is not true.
Firefox crashed my system again, forcing me to do a brute force reboot.
This was the situation at the time of the blockade.


Thank you!

Can confirm, I have the same issue since the update. Hope to see 5.15.39 asap if it is indeed fixed there.

I’m trying to replicate this behavior but failing to do so. There is no key screenshot in my settings. The settings window does not crash with this error.

Resetting the configuration via dconf could be a option, see manpage of dconf But this seems like the same as deleting ~/.config/dconf/user witch you tried and had no result. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about gnome settings can explain.

Does disabling all extensions, logging out and in solve this?

If you want, you can switch to 5.17.6 this haven’t this bug.

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Yeah, I might just do that. I hate the idea of shutting down my computer :o

I had that issue too. Will uninstall!!! Thanks.

It looks like manjaro-gnome-settings replaced manjaro-gnome-assets.
$ pamac info manjaro-gnome-settings                                
Name                  : manjaro-gnome-settings
Version               : 20220423-2
Description           : Manjaro Linux Gnome settings
URL                   : https://gitlab.manjaro.org/profiles-and-settings/manjaro
Licenses              : GPL
Repository            : community
Installed Size        : 13.1 MB
Groups                : --
Depends On            : adw-gtk-theme gnome-wallpapers manjaro-base-skel
                        manjaro-gdm-branding qgnomeplatform qgnomeplatform-qt6
                        ttf-hack xcursor-breeze
Optional Dependencies : lighter-gnome: disable some gnome-settings-daemon components
                        papirus-icon-theme: default icon set [Installed]
                        manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 [Installed]
                        illyria-wallpaper [Installed]
Required By           : manjaro-gnome-extension-settings
Optional For          : --
Provides              : manjaro-desktop-settings
Replaces              : manjaro-gnome-settings-gnome-next manjaro-gnome-assets
Conflicts With        : manjaro-gnome-settings-gnome-next
                        manjaro-gnome-settings-19.0 manjaro-gnome-assets
Packager              : Mark Wagie <mark@manjaro.org>
Build Date            : Sat 23 Apr 2022 11:53:43 AM PDT
Install Date          : Fri 13 May 2022 08:15:23 AM PDT
Install Reason        : Installed as a dependency for another package
Validated By          : Signature
Backup files          : --

Found it! @Hanzel was write, all hail Hanzel! If you turn off «User Themes» in Extension it works no problem. Actually I had a not so serious related problem already on he previous update.

Happened for me as well.
Uneventful update, kernel 5.17 seems faster, I think.
The only issue is the font.

Both deleting ~/.config/dconf/user then logout and log back in, and running dconf reset -f / then logout and log back in did not work. I still got the same crash and the same error message.

I just tried that with all extensions disabled, then logout and logged back in, still the same. :frowning: Kinda lost, not sure what else to do.

Before resetting dconf, all my custom keyboard shortcuts worked EXCEPT the ones for taking screenshots (strange!). After resetting dconf, taking screenshots with Print Screen works just fine. However, the same crash persists, with the same error.