[Stable Update] 2022-02-05 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Gear, Nvidia, Calamares, VirtualBox, Pipewire, Mesa, Systemd

can confirm, removing jack2 works fine for me.

your solution worked for me

sudo pacman -S pipewire-jack

remove jack2, then procced with the rest of the update normally

as a side notice i installed 5.15.19-1 kernel which was not flagged as lts on manjaro settings manager, rebooted and now it is listed properly as lts ,some kind of bug?


While updating my system, I got the following error message:

Installation von nvidia-utils (510.47.03-4) verletzt Abhängigkeit 
»nvidia-utils=495.46«, benötigt von linux514-nvidia

I currently have kernel 5.14.21-2 installed which is no longer supported. Tried to install another kernel, but this getting the same error message.

How can I solve this dependency?

You may use a Live environment to chroot to your system to install the LTS kernel. See this

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Remove kernel 5.14, install a supported one, 5.4, 5.10 or 5.15, its *-headers package and try again.

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I created a user account for some testing purposes. But when I click Delete User in KDE System Settings > Users, nothing happens. No password prompt, nothing …
Also I cannot create new accounts from KDE system settings.
The actions can be done from MSM, though.

Can anyone please confirm if this is happenning in my system only?

Things i noticed while updating:

  • i had also encountered the JACK issue, which was simply fixed by running pacman -S pipewire-jack before the full upgrade
  • while it updated, kde plasma (wayland) desktop crashed (i dont know exactly which process it is but the one that provides the taskbar and the desktop-background (task-switching still works fine))
  • package accountservice gave a warning that /var/lib/AccountsService/ has mismatched directory permissions (filesystem: 755 package: 775), even though i never modified that directory
  • a “random” note from brltty (i dont quite know what this does) is Please add your user to the brlapi group.

I can’t performs the update, I got:

Resolving dependencies...
Warning: cannot resolve "libx264.so=164-64", a dependency of "ffmpeg4.4"
Warning: cannot resolve "ffmpeg4.4", a dependency of "hedgewars"
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'libx264.so=164-64' required by ffmpeg4.4
- unable to satisfy dependency 'ffmpeg4.4' required by hedgewars

I’ll have to temporary remove ffmpeg4.4 and hedgewars?


By removing hedgewars the update went fine, however, if I attempt to reinstall it, I got the same dependencies errors; furthermore, I also had this long list of leftovers:


By checking using the command dependency-checker I see that all these
haskell-* packages were required by hedgewars, so all seems fine.

It’s braile driver (I have no idea how it work, you probably need special device). If you aren’t completely blind you probably don’t need it :stuck_out_tongue: You can safely remove this packaage.

Update went fine, but one error-message occured:

Warning: Directory permissions differ for /var/lib/AccountsService/

Can anyone tell me how to fix this please?

Awwno, here we go again :upside_down_face:

pamac build $(pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.9) --no-confirm
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As a update from my initial message:

  • kde crashed while having something related being upgraded and now (even after restarts), the taskbar does not come back (and i cant find a setting for this)
  • after upgrading and before rebooting, firefox suddenly kept crashing over and over

update: it seems like my ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc got into a bad state, reverting it to some hours before (btrfs snapshot), fixed it

see this

first add new kernel , reboot on it ,
remove old one

I get “- unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-utils=495.46’ required by linux515-rt-nvidia”


Tried updating to 5.16 kernel. Still conflict with nvidia-utils, but offer to remove linux-rt-nvidia.
“installing nvidia-utils (510.47.03-4) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-utils=495.46’ required by linux516-rt-nvidia Add linux516-rt-nvidia to remove”

Sounds like a bad deal for me. I do not want to remove the nvidia driver if that is the question.

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sudo chmod 775 /var/lib/AccountsService/

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After upgrading my primary monitor isn’t working, and only my secondary monitor turns on (although the GRUB menu appears on the primary one). nvidia-utils 510.47.03-4, primary monitor shows up as ‘disabled’ in nvidia-settings (changing this has no effect and is reset to disabled immediately).

Having a dependency problem with jack2 pipewire-jack

  • removing jack2 breaks dependency ‘jack2=1.9.20’ required by lib32-jack2

with excluding pipewire-jack i can run all the other updates makes it the only one left

Same for me, using
sudo pacman -S pipewire-jack
as specified by another user, does not fix the issue.

I had the same dependency problem and I did the following:
I ran

sudo pacman -Sdd pipewire-jack

This reinstalled pipewire-jack and removed jack2 but left lib32-jack2. So I forcefully removed only lib32-jack2 with

sudo pacman -Rdd lib32-jack2

Then I proceeded with the update as usual and it asked me for a provider for lib32-jack.so. I chose pipewire and was able to update successfully.

This way you don’t have to remove other packages like portaudio and fluidsynth which depend on lib32-jack2 and jack2.

Note: The first -d skips version checks and the second -d skips dependency checks.


I had to extend it to this
pacman -R lib32-jack2 lib32-portaudio lib32-fluidsynth jack2