[Stable Update] 2022-01-23 - OpenSearch, Kernels, KDE Software, Cinnamon, Pipewire, Mesa, Gnome, LibreOffice

Still having the same issue with systemd-homed using a dedicated disk / RAID1 so I moved my two machines to using an encrypted home image file instead for now until the issue I had already with previous update is resolved. The issue in question:
FS#73208 - Systemd-homed fails with systemd-250

In addition to that one, no issues for me with the update thus far.

X - Yes i am currently experiencing an issue due to the update. (Please post about it)

My webcam does not work with the current 5.X kernels. Under Opensuse Thumbleweed with 5.16.1 the webcam works.

Alot of comments on that issue state, that re-creating the home with current systemd seems to work (raid isn’t even mentioned) - did you try that?

All good. I have two new orphans. pth and lib32-soundtouch are these safe to remove?

Edit: Whatever, removed them - no fires.

Regarding the Telegram issue

The cause is Arch updating the package from Qt 5 to Qt 6: [telegram-desktop 3.4.2-2: Build against Qt6]

This leads to read message ticks, stickers, etc being pixelized. The issue on Telegram Desktop official repo states that it’s not solvable on Qt 6 at the moment: [search for QT6 fractional scaling in new versions results in pixilated images on linux]

Solution: install the official binary package from Telegram, for example, from AUR. That is built against Qt 5, I guess.
pamac build telegram-desktop-bin
(Don’t worry, it will pick your user profile and settings, no manual actions were required for me)


qBittrorrent switched to using qt6, so install qt6ct and set the theme there.


I have issues with some KDE keyboard shortcuts:

  • The Super-key does not open the “application launcher” anymore.
    • Workaround 1: Set the keyboard shortcut to “Super+Y” or something else like “Super + -”. Then the “application launcher” can be launched with “Super” or “Super+Y”.
    • Workaround 2: Use Alt+Space
  • The keyboard shortcuts of the “Entries” of “Status and Notifications” are resetted after a reboot. I like to enable/disable “Night Colour” with “Super+Strg+K” or open the “Notifications” with “Super+Strg+N”.
    • EDIT: Seems to be a KDE bug. After I setup the keyboard shortcut for the second entry (e.g. “Night Colour”), the keyboard shortcut for the first entry (e.g. “Notifications”) is deleted. Although the shortcut for “Notification” is removed in the GUI, it still works until I reboot my computer.

How can I debug this issue? I skimmed “journalctl -b” and saw nothing special (except that I have EXT4 errors that I’m fixing now).

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kio-gdrive not found after upgrade the system

When accessing your folder from dolphin, it loads without displaying anything.

From console, executing the following command kioclient5 exec gdrive:/, the following error appears:

kf.service.services: KApplicationTrader: mimeType “x-scheme-handler/gdrive” not found

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Check if this Arch Wiki section helps

Basically run

kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "org.kde.krunner,/App,,toggleDisplay"

and reboot (or reload kwin using the commands in the link).

I’d heard about kernel 5.16 has some better gaming perfomance. So, I’ve installed and switched my kernel from 5.14 to 5.16 and get issue with my xbox 360 gamepad. It was connected and detected in the system settings(I use KDE edition), plus in Steam the same, BUT there wasn’t any input events from my gamepad. And when I tried to see an error with xboxdrv(I have xboxdrv installed, but don’t use it of most time. Gamepad works natively) by the line:

sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver --detach -D --force-feedback --deadzone 10% --trigger-as-zaxis --buttonmap tl=tr,tr=tl --axismap -trigger=trigger --dbus disabled

I’ve got that:

[ERROR] Xboxdrv Daemon::launch controller thread(): no free controller slot found, controller will be ignored: 001:021 045e:028e ‘Microsoft X-Box 360 pad’

Just moved back to the 5.14 and all works fine as it was.

Thank You for restoring the pamac (GUI) searches inclusion of AUR results under ALL. :beer:

qBittorent 4.4.0 shouldn’t have been added IMO.

This version is known to be highly unstable with Memoryleaks and Crashes.

Their Issue Tracker on Git is filling up with issues regarding this specific version.

This Version is also banned on Private Trackers (obviously only Linux ISOs) because of these issues.

Some Issues:

and much more…

cannot reproduce:

Now that pipewire was updated to 0.3.43, I’m not experiencing the issue I had anymore.

Original issue : https://forum.manjaro.org/t/stable-update-2022-01-02-kernels-systemd-kde-frameworks-mesa-xorg-server-wine-python-3-10/97104/113

been using it for about a week now no such issues, if you check all the mentioned issues are on windows

The only apparent potential problem was that a message flashed past saying something about GRUB might fail to boot and something about secure boot (I think).
However, GRUB did boot, so I’m happy. Though I assume this might be a problem for some users.

I’m experiencing crashes, lockups, and most likely memory leaks on Manjaro i3 (something is using a lot more memory).

What’s your secret?


Is VirtualBox now on version 6.1.32 ?

Not yet, but well in the testing branch. See

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So far so good. Ryzen 4700U APU on HP Envy x360